The Fastest Way to Reduce Shoulder Pain by 35% in Less Than A Week!

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Get Out of Pain Now

A Proven 3-Step Program That Gives You....


  1. The fastest way to eliminate shoulder pain. Plus, a proven method to get back to performing like you did before you got injured.
  2. The best exercises to improve strength, range of motion and performance (plus a progression guide).
  3. What most people neglect to tell you about shoulder pain.
  4. A simple method to prevent pain from coming back.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

"They have helped me fix multiple problems and improved my athletic performance more than any other Physical Therapist I’ve ever seen."


"Fixed mine, still doing those workouts, golfing, bowling - it's all good!"

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What's Inside...

3 steps that will take you from painful and limited to pain-free and powerful.

Eliminate pain as fast as possible and introduce pain-free exercise.

Keep pain away by getting stronger and building endurance.

Bulletproof your shoulder with dynamic strength training and return to the things you love.

You Might Be Saying To Yourself....

The Pain Will Go Away On Its Own

You may be under the impression that your shoulder pain will resolve on its own without any intervention. But rest is NOT the best treatment for shoulder pain.

Plus, if you ignore the root cause... the pain WILL come back.

Rest may be helpful in the short-term (3-5 days) for some types of shoulder pain, but it is not the best approach for complete recovery. So what is the best approach? Targeted exercises are necessary to improve range of motion and strengthen the muscles around the shoulder.

This program has over 30 exercises with progressions and regressions to help you do just that.

I've Tried PT Before... It Didn't Help

Just because PT didn’t help before doesn’t mean it was the wrong option! 1 of 3 things probably happened.

1. Poor treatment plan:

  • If you were doing the same exercises week after week using the same resistance, doing stretches over and over, not being told WHY, and you didn’t notice a real change in pain… your plan was probably garbage... or there wasn't even a plan. The treatment "plan" might not have been tailored to your needs or was not intense enough. You may have notice some improvements but It wasn't enough to get you get out of pain and doing the activities you love.

2. The diagnosis was wrong.

  • Did you know that not all shoulder pain is the same and sometimes doctors get it wrong? If the cause of your shoulder pain was misdiagnosed, the treatment could not have been effective in addressing the root cause, leaving you frustrated and still in pain.

3. You were diagnosed based off of imaging alone.

  • Did you know that imaging results (X-rays, MRIs, CT scans) are extremely poor indicators of the cause of pain? Yup, there are plenty of people with severe arthritis of the shoulder with absolutely no pain. Why don't they have pain and you do? This program has everything you need to know. Plus, what to do about it.

This is our nice way of saying... some doctors and specialists aren't very good at what they do. Even if their name is flood with specialists titles

Get Your Life Back

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Ron Peacock, Jr., PT, DPT is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who works with active adults and athletes in Phoenix, AZ on a daily basis to improve strength and performance and allow them to walk in their purpose and their passion without being bothered by physical limitations. As the co-founder and CEO of iMoveHealth, his passion for sharing high quality health information and helping people realize their goals is #1. Because, in healthcare today, that's a lost effort, and it has to change.

You Might Also Be Saying...

So, This Is By Far The Easiest Way to Rehab!

You can get started, and reduce pain by 30% in 7-days or less... for FREE.

Get Out of Pain Now