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 Don’t reach for normal, reach for better.

"Great things never come from comfort zones."

Dr. Alicia Williams, PT
"Service is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."

- Muhammad Ali
Dr. Ron Peacock Jr., PT
Eddie Headshot_edited_edited.jpg
Dr. Ron Peacock, Jr., PT, DPT
"It's about the journey - mine and yours - and the lives we can touch, the legacy we can leave, and the world we can change for the better."

- Tony Dungy
Dr. Eddie Smith, PT



We offer the convenience your busy schedule demands and the specificity your body needs. Whether it is your home, office, gym, or the park, we will come to you for every session.

We are experts in diagnosis and treatment of all body regions. Additionally, we provide treatment for concussion, vertigo, dizziness, whiplash, and headache.

You will always receive 1-on-1 personalized care. Your individualized plan of care  will get you feeling better, stronger, and moving at your optimal level.

Mobile Physical Therapy


We are taking a clinical approach to performance, wellness and recovery.


Whether you're training for your sport or just seeking the strength to live a better life, you don't have to face the path alone. Let us help you reach new heights.


Our Performance and Wellness services include 1-on-1 sessions, individualized plan development, coaching, check-ins, and more! 

Performance & Wellness


We’re in the business of both excellence and convenience.


We've create an affordable, single payment model that gives you nearly unlimited access to one of our providers for a 12 month period.

This includes program gives you priority access to all of our available services.

It doesn't matter if you need us once, or 10 times, we've got you covered!

Concierge Program

*Ask about pricing, packages and special discounts for all services

Not sure if iMove Health is your solution?

You can choose to schedule a movement optimization screen. During this session, we will assess your complaints and review your options with you. As Doctors in Physical Therapy, we are skilled at treating the entire musculoskeletal system. In other words, if you have pain, and movement changes your pain (for better or worse), we are the right choice for you. No drugs, no surgery.

Gym Equipments

Our Story

Healthcare needs an innovation. 

iMove Health was founded on the basis that individuals deserve the best, so that they can be the best.  

We understand what it’s like to have a goal, to have a mission, and a passion that you can’t let go of. We also understand how busy life can get. We choose to be flexible in our practice so that we can fit the demands of your life. 

We are more than just Physical Therapy. We are transforming the outpatient experience.

Overlooking Waterfall

Our Mission

Inspire, impact, and improve health and movement of individuals.

Our Vision

To empower active individuals to take control of their health and reduce physical limitations so that they can optimize the way they live their lives, without limits.

Who We Serve
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