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are you ready for relief?

iMoveHealth in Chandler, Arizona is a mobile in-home sports and orthopedic physical therapy company that works directly with active adults and teenagers to relieve pain, improve strength and function, and prevent future injury. Our experts use years of experience to work with you on identifying the problemdeveloping a plan of care, guiding you to recovery, and then helping you maximize your potential beyond just being pain-free. 


Are You Ready For A Better Physical Therapy Experience?


I've been suffering with Hip and Back pain for the last several years and it just wouldn't get better. Alicia helped me get back on my feet and back in the gym. It was such a pleasure. And without having to go through my insurance!

Adria A.

our approach to
your recovery

Identify The PROBLEM

We use a comprehensive physical therapy exam that will help us determine exactly what is going on.

Follow The PLAN

Once we know what is going on and why, we can help you understand it better and give you clear answers on what we can do about it and how long it will take to get better.


Pain relief is just the beginning. As we progress, we will ensure that you are fit to perform, keeping your goals and your performance demands in mind throughout the journey.

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Physical Therapy,

You might be asking yourself, "What do Physical Therapists treat"? The list is extensive and if you're here, then you want relief, not a memoir... so allow us to summarize.

We handle all musculoskeletal pathologies. That essential means, if you have pain, and movement or activity reproduces, aggravates or relieves it, then we treat it. Neck, shoulders, knees, toes and everything in between.

We also treat certain types of headaches, whiplash, vertigo, and concussion.

Manual Intervention

When necessary, we often apply manual therapy to help reduce pain, increase mobility and minimize impairments discovered during the evaluation.


These interventions include manual joint mobilizations, soft tissue mobilization, dry needling and/or cupping.

Once we maximize what is happening under the surface, we can then progress to strength training and progressing to bigger movements that will optimize your recovery and your performance.

Individualized Treatment Plan
& Programming

Once we know that you can handle loading, we take key components of the manual interventions and match them with specific exercises that will bring you closer to your functional goals.


You’ll always find yourself informed and involved in the building of the treatment plan. And if you don’t understand something, you’ll have your providers number where you can text or call basically 24/7.

& Wellness

A lot of Physical Therapy clinics stop treatment after the pain associated with the injury dissipates

We, on the other hand, recognize that you might nit 

fter the injury fades and you’re feeling 100%, you have the option to continue working with your provider to continue pushing towards your goals, if needed.


This can look different for different people. You might just need custom programming to ensure you are getting adequate load AND accessory work.


Or you might want recovery modalities such as cupping after a heavy training week. Whatever it is, you can choose to work with a familiar provider who knows your story, your journey and your passion.

 This is how we can help you optimize your performance, your movement, and your life.



Let our experts guide you down an unforgettable road to recovery.


Providing Mobile and In-Home Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy Services in Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, Queen Creek and Phoenix AZ.

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