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Are you looking for a medical experience that is convenient, high quality and personalized for you?​ 

iMove Health is a patient-centered physical therapy company that distributes high quality physical therapy, movement analysis, and performance and wellness services. Our goal is to empower you, through health and movement, to live the lifestyle you demand. We do not believe in volume, but in positive results and experiences.

We see movement as an expression of self. The better you feel while you move, the more freely you are able to express yourself, curate your dreams, and serve those around you.

So, are you ready for something different?


Squatting with Band


Wife, Business owner, Athlete

"Ron helped me work through a very painful hip issue... I was limping and in constant pain. I worked with Ron to identify the cause, then incorporate strengthening, mobility exercises, and eventually dry needling. It took commitment and work on my end, but today I have minimal hip discomfort and I’m working my way back up to my pre-injury back squat."




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We're not just
Physical Therapy

Are you dealing with pain, hoping you can wait it out? Are you tired of being limited and just pushing through it?

We offer something different and unique. One-on-one care by a highly skilled Doctors of Physical Therapy who sees you as more than just a patient. Once you enter our care, you're not just a patient, you become family, and that means everything.

We do more than treat musculoskeletal pain. Keep reading, you might be surprised by what we offer.

Performance Optimization

Pain isn't all we do.

Strength and conditioning, wellness and functional training are integral parts of reaching your peak.


So whether you've just recovered from an injury, are hoping to prevent one, are training for an event or just want to get stronger, healthier and smarter about your bodywe​'ve got you covered.

 Here is how we help you optimize your performance, your movement, your life.

Integrative Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a natural therapeutic modality that utilizes very thin filament acupuncture needles and is used by healthcare practitioners for the treatment of pain and neuromusculoskeletal conditions.

With our expertise of anatomy and physiology, we are able to persuade physiological changes and healing to improve function and pain reduction.

Dry needling is rarely a standalone treatment and usually accompanies some sort of functional loading to maximize desired effects.

We offer dry needling as part of your physical therapy plan of care, or independent of it.


Why Choose iMove Health?

1-on-1 sessions with a highly skilled provider

We meet you, almost anywhere

Your goals are the foundation

You will always be more than a number. Too often within healthcare, the patient experience is not crafted with excellence. That's where we come in; to transform the outpatient experience, and to transform you. We focus on what you need and where you want to go. Together, we will build and implement the optimal plan to get you back to doing the things you love.

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